How can you have deep personal conversations in everyday life?


StrukturZwei is a place where two people can talk in private. It can be used for psychotherapeutic consultation or private conversations. StrukturZwei can be constructed at universities, hospitals, office buildings or any other free spaces.

Summer 2014


How do people communicate?



Inviting and sheltered.

First Ideas

I think it is an important part of life to be able to have deep personal conversations. I realised that this is hard to come by. Reasons for this are time pressure, a lack of friends or trust. So how can you create a space that is secluded yet inviting?  A place in everyday life which is neutral ground?



How much space is suitable?

Field study



By building a full size prototype I was able to define the desired size and shape. You need to feel comfortable within the space. It needs to be large enough to have personal space, but still small enough to feel secure. The seats face towards each other at a certain angle. These arrangement was recommended by a Psychotherapist.


Open, yet secluded.

Shapes, materials, patterns



Finding the most suitable material and pattern was one of my main challenges. The pattern becomes more opaque where the two people sit. As an inlay I chose a sound absorbing material covered with thick felt. It offers warmth and comfort. The outer layer consists of a liquid crystal glas, which can transform smoothly between opaque and transparent.


The final step.


I used the parametric Plugin Grasshopper for Rhino to generate the pattern. It let me define the shape through multiple sliders



Handmade model