A flexible hardshell backpack.


KUORI is made for the daily life in the city. The backpack has a hard, yet flexible outer shell. This shell protects a waterproof inner bag wherein you can store your belongings safely. Due to the flexibility of the shell you can unfold the backpack and increase the storage volume from 25 to 35 liters. The carrying system was tested in an empirical ergonomic study and the backplate including the carrying system is exchangeable.


Spring 2016


A hard, yet flexible Structure?

Concept 1: Origami

My goal for this project was to create an everyday hardshell backpack that can expand. One inspiration was origami: To create a structure that is stable in certain areas, yet flexible and extendable in others.


Maybe multiple hard parts?

Concept 2: Unfold

Well how about a more simple approach? Make a Backpack out of multiple parts that can open, unfold, expand, slide?



What if the material itself ist durable, yet flexible?

Concept 3: Embrace

Or maybe the hardshell is not completely stiff, but slightly flexible? This concepts play with the idea of a structure that is under tension when it’s closed. So it opens automatically if you release the mechanism.


The perfect and lightweight carrying system?

Ergonomic studies

Ergonomic studies in cooperation with Timo Severain. We tried to create a carrying system that is as minimal as possible.  Eventually we came up with this shape and an exchangable Backplate available in different sizes, because there simply isn’t a shape that can fit every back.



Let’s create a life-size model.

Building the model

Building the model had its complications. For the changeable backplate I first created a negative out of an Ureol block. This block was CNC milled and prepared for vacuum forming. Then a Polystyrene sheet was vacuum formed to create the thin Backplate. The outer hardshell is a Polystyrene sheet as well.



Well, how does it look eventually?

The Finale

The final product is a hardshell Backpack that is still flexible (25l-35l). You can exchange the backplate to fit it to your back perfectly. Your belongings are protected from impacts, rain and dirt. There even is a build in suspension due to the inner and outer shell. So your laptop will never hit the floor, even if the KUORI falls.