How can you be far away, yet close to home?


‘COPIO’ is a bamboo coupler, that lets you build countless constructions. It allows you to personalize deserted places and to reflect everyday life. ‘COPIO’ is easy to use, ecological and light weight. It was developed during a self-organised interdisciplinary project between Roger Winkler, Ulrich Müller and myself.


Winter 2015


What do Architects and Industrial Designers have in common?


The project came to life, when my friends Uli, Roger and I sat together in a bar. That night we decided, that we want to do a project together. We started brainstorming and realized that we all love the great Outdoors and enjoy escaping everyday life. A perfect topic! To get the project started we went on a hike. 


Since Uli and Roger study Architecture and I do Industrial Design there were quite a few complications with our universities working together. But eventually we managed everything and could begin properly.


How can we bring our hiking experience to the city?

First Ideas

Our main goal was to find a way to get out of everyday life and to reflect upon ourselves. We wanted our design to be close to the user. Getting the user involved and creating flexibility was important to us.




Soon we realized that “getting out” is a very personal concept. You should be able to choose a time and a place individually.

We needed a portable solution.


Rods and couplers it is.




Intuitive, fun and inexpensive.

More experiments

Finding a solution that would satisfy our requirements was difficult. Up until then, none of our couplers fulfilled our expectations.


… we were not satisfied yet.


The right coupler.

Materials and production



Eventually we found the solution we were looking for. This coupler works with round rods, that you can arrange in countless angles. It is possible to use different sized rods or even sticks you found. The coupler is inexpensive, easy to use and ecologic. 

We built nearly 80 Couplers 


What about transportation?

The carrier



Let’s build something!


To connect two rods you push them through the holes in the coupler. Then you slide a handle through the rope sling and rotate it. The rotation of the sling pulls the rods against the coupler. They are now locked in place. The handle can’t rotate back thanks to the wave shape of the coupler. Our patent on this technique is pending.



…patent pending