How can firefighters be more efficient?


Firefighters need to carry 80 pounds of equipment and use heavy machinery. ‘ARU’ (Assistive Rescue Unit) is an exoskeleton which can countervail the weight of that equipment. It also offers the possibility to work hassle-free with heavy equipment, even in rough terrain.

Summer 2013


What is the most suitable exoskeleton?


During the development phase I thought a lot about possible scenarios. The most practicable solution is a combination between an exoskeleton and a free moving robotic arm. The exoskeleton takes over the whole weight of equipment and tools, while the robotic arm enables precise movement. I chose a one armed solution, because it saves weight and a firefighter doesn’t use two tools at the same time. 


Bring it together.


After finding a suitable shape and design I modeled the exoskeleton in Rhino. After that was done I 3D printed the parts and built a real life model.


The final presentation.

Model & Rendering

Thanks to ‘ARU’, injuries and fatigue can be reduced so that firefighters can help faster and more efficiently. The exoskeleton reaches up to the shoulder. At that point it transforms into one robotic arm, that can be guided by the user. This construction enables more mobility and reduced weight. Multiple heavy tools can be attached to the arm.



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